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Ohio Gov. Strickland Launches Personal Attack Against Squirrels October 20, 2008

Posted by Mr. Squirrel in Comments.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Three top Ohio Democrats held a press conference this morning to decry what they called “desperate” and “despicable” — and even “squirrelly” — tactics from Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Ohio Republicans.

The “squirrelly” reference probably wasn’t in the original talking points but was added when someone in an orange squirrel suit showed up at the press conference holding a sign referring to allegations of registration fraud involving ACORN (the Association of Community Activists for Reform Now) such as “Don’t let Obama and ACORN steal Ohio.”

… “They even resort to things like sending squirrels to press conferences because they have nothing else to talk about. Well, I say to Senator McCain and those who are backing Sen. McCain in the way they are doing now is to stop being squirrelly and start being straight with the voters.”

Governor Strickland: the FBI recently launched an investigation regarding ACORN’s possible involvement in voter registration fraud across the country, and ACORN is a group with which Barack Obama has a relationship. Judgment and candor are very important to Ohioans and if you were being “straight with the voters,” it wouldn’t take squirrels showing up at press conferences to get some attention focused on Obama’s connections to ACORN.

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